From the edition to the closing of the file, the company uses programs developed specifically for the flexography segment, which are manufactured and supplied by Esko. Adobe programs are also used for complementary functions.

Quality control

Among the procedures used for the conference of the works, the company uses the DotSpy program, through which possible changes or variations regarding to the original can be verified.


All works can be approved, through e-mail and specific programs for sending and receiving PDF files.


Creation of
surface screening

Application of surface screening

High resolution platemaking

The company works with equipments that offer high-definition platemaking, which can get to 4,800 dpi.

Images: Flint Group.

Side view

Surface view

Flat top dot with surface screening

Photopolymer plates with the flat top dot system, which generates a significant increase in quality of printing and densitometry.

Printing result

Images: Flint Group.

without surface screening

with surface screening

Superior ink coverage

By providing more ink density in solid areas, the photopymer plates offer a significant improvement in transfer to the print.

High-definition printing

Platemaking possibility up to 4,800 dpi. Because of the reproduction of thinner details, the plates offer greater definition of the images and lower dot gain.

Convergence of solids and screenings

Possibility of reproducing solids and screenings, with the same plate. By providing more density of ink, in solid areas, the plates offer a significant improvement in the transfer to the print.

Increased repeatability

These dot geometry, combined with the correct finish, makes the plate less sensitive to wear, generating greater durability and print stability.


Cliart Clichês offers:

Color proof (GMG)

It is with this kind of proof that a professional will identify the fidelity of colors and nuances of a complex work full of details.

Material proof

When there is a need of, besides knowing the printing result, corroborating the size, shapes, structure and elements that compose the work, this proof will allow both the converters as to the agencies to visualize the packaging in the same material that will be printed.